Clearstart 30 day Cleansing Program

Clearstart  30 Unicity Singapore
Clearstart 30-Day Cleansing Program

Clearstart contains of 3 products: Paraway® Plus ( 排虫威 ) , Nature's Tea® ( 天然茶 ) and LiFiber

Used together as instructed, these 3 products provide an intensive 30-day digestive cleansing program, which we recommend you repeat every 6 months.

Nature's Tea Unicity Singapore
Nature's Tea® ( 天然茶 )
Size: 30 Sachets per box

This sweet, soothing blend of 10 Chinese and Amercian herbs gently cleanses the urinary and intestinal tracts and provides additional support for the immune system. Gentle Cleansing.

Paraway Plus Unicity Singapore
Paraway® Plus ( 排虫威 )
Size: 120 Capsules per bottle

Featuring a proprietary blend of the highest-quality herbal ingredients, this supplement helps the body eliminate harmful parasitic organisms and promotes a healthy, clean, and pro-biotic digestive tract. Your first step in cleansing process.

LiFiber Unicity Singapore
Size: 454g

Featuring 29 high-quality herbs, this psyllium-based powder drink mix provides both soluble and insoluble fiber to help sweep your system clean of toxins and accumulated debris.
Support digestive functions & protect the digestive tract.