Organza Pouch Bags Wholesale

Organza Pouch Bag Wholesale Singapore

In Bachelorette, we offer a wide range of organza pouch bags in 16 colors and 10 different sizes at wholesale prices.
Top Row from Left: Red , Gold , Black, Navy Blue, Wine Red, Ivory, Lilac, Turquoise
Bottom Row from Left: Light Pink, Light Green , Light Blue, White, Fuschia Pink, Brown, Orange, Silver
Sold in Minimum Order Quantities of 10 pieces / per color / per size
 Pack of 100s per size per colour

organza bags singapore
For all our organza bags, the bigger measurement is for the full height of bag.
Example: 13cm Width * 18cm Full Height

7cm by 9cm (Price from 10 cents - 25 cents)
9cm by 12cm / 10cm by 12cm (Price from 38 cents to 20 cents)

11cm by 16cm (Price from 42 cents to 30 cents)
13cm by 18cm (Price from 45 cents to 35 cents)

15cm by 20cm (Price from 50 cents to 38 cents) 
16cm by 23cm (Price from 52 cents to 40 cents)  
20cm by 30cm (Price from 60 cents to 50 cents)

25cm by 35cm (Price from 67 cents to 54 cents) 

30cm by 40cm (Price from $0.73 to 63 cents)  

35cm by 45cm (Price from $0.82 to 70 cents)  White & Ivory in Stock

Round Organza Bag - Diameter 26cm ($0.45 each) * Only White Available

Above pricing is for orders below 1000 pieces, for corporate orders of 1100 piece & above, please kindly email us for special rates.
We are able to offer customized size and color for order quantity 5000 pieces and above.
For more info, please email us
Organza bags in sg
 Important Note before placing order:
Due to mass production, there may be slight variations of 0.5cm - 1cm in size.

The bigger measurement is the height while the smaller measurement is the base length.

Measurements provided are based on size of entire bag, not usable size.

Do factor in minus at least 2cm - 3cm from the top of the bag to the part where the satin ribbon is positioned.

We are not able to recommend size of organza bag based on L*B*H of customer's item to avoid any disputes during the purchase process. We strongly recommend customers to fix an appointment and bring their item down to our store to try out the size of the organza bags that they need as we will NOT BE ABLE to do refund or exchange for the organza bags in the event that you find the size unsuitable after purchase.