Bed Setting 安床

Chinese Wedding Bed Setting Singapore

Bed Setting Set(安床配套)


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Double Happiness Tray 双喜托盘

Premium 5 Elements Seed百年好合五谷 x 6 packets

Red Beans 红豆, Green Beans绿豆, Soy Beans 黄豆, Black Beans乌豆, Browed Beans白眉豆

Auspicious Bed Setting Jin Guo 安床京果 6 packets, 6

Red Dates 红枣干 (), Peanuts 花生 (), Dried Longan 桂圆 (), Lotus Seed 莲子 (), 

Rock Sugar 冰糖Candied Winter Melon Strips 蜜饯冬瓜条

Red Packet for Bed Setting 安床红包

Bed Setting Coins 安床铜钱 (夫妻同心,大富大贵)8 coins, 8

Double Happiness Red Packet 百年好合小红包 4 packets, 4 (for gold coins)


Mini Money Bucket Pail Set 子孙桶 (子孙满堂, 大富大貴) 

Charcoal 旺炭 

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