Red Eggs with Hershey Eggs

 Baby first month celebration red eggs singapore
Red Eggs for Baby Full Month Celebration Singapore
Plastic Red Eggs (Pack of 24s)
(Price does not include Hershey Kisses & Stickers)
Add on:
Hershey Kisses $0.20 per piece (Able to contain 2 - 4 Hershey Kisses per egg)
Sticker Label (It's a Boy! / It's a Girl
$2.90 per sheet of 24 pieces
Baby full month red eggs in Singapore
Baby Full Month Red Eggs
Let's be honest, in this era we are no longer keen in eating those red eggs given out during the baby full month celebration after knowing that they have been cooked and left overnight and dyed red.

The color red is associated with luck and happiness and the round shape of the eggs symbolizes harmony, unity and beginning of a new life.

Why not replace them with these cute looking plastic red eggs. Packed with hersheys kisses in the inside, not only will you continue the tradition of giving out red eggs during your baby first month celebrations, it also puts you in line with the modern mummy practice.