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Enfalac A+ Stage 1

Enfamil Stage 1 Singapore

During your child's first 3 years of life, the brain grows and develops rapidly. Appropriate nutrition, environmental influence and sensory stimulation play important roles in his/her developing brain and overall skill development. Enfalac A+ Step 1 is designed to provide nutritious formula for full terms infants from birth to 12 months for their development.

Features & Benefits
• Contain DHA & ARA
• Choline

Dosage/How To Use
1. Always wash your hands before preparing a feeding bottle. Each feeding bottle should be prepared individually. Only use the measuring scoop provided. Formula should be consumed within one hour of preparation
2. Wash the feeding bottle, cap, teat and any utensils to be used and sterilize them in boiling water
3. Boil clean drinking water for 5 minutes and allow cooling to 40°C or heating clean fresh mineral water with a low mineral content to 40°C
4. Pour the required amount of water (see feeding guide) into the bottle
5. Measure the correct quantity of formula (see feeding guide) into the bottle using the scoop provided. Always use one level scoopful per 30ml of water
6. Secure the lid on the bottle and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved
7. Let cool to lukewarm temperature (37°C). Test the temperature on your wrist before feeding. Any formula left after feeding should be discarded immediately

Other Information
Breastfeeding is still best for babies up to 2 years of age and beyond. Breastfeeding is the best source of infant nutrition. Good maternal nutrition is important for the preparation and maintenance of breastfeeding. When infant formula is to be used, a mother should be aware of the financial and social implications of formula feeding, the difficulty of reversing the decision of not to breastfeed, and the care that must be taken to prevent partial formula feeding from interfering with lactation.

Proper preparation of powder or concentrated liquid infant formula also requires the use of boiled water to mix with the formula and clean implements as well as careful adherence to mixing instructions. Improper mixing or preparation may make the baby sick. Your doctor should be consulted before initiating formula feeding.

600g per pack for $28.50

600g x 3 packs = 1.8kg per box for $85